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Valerie has trained numerous dancers and acrobats in aerial arts, handbalance as well as her signature Mirror Ball Act in the UK and Europe.


Currently residing in Hong Kong, Valerie wants to grow the professional circus community in the city by providing professional training that focuses on developing the industry, which in turn will provide more local performers for the events sector. Currently, there is a lack of professional circus artists in Hong Kong which leads to a high number of international performers being flown into the city. This adds to air travel pollution and takes away capital from Hong Kong to other countries. By growing the industry locally, we can make a start in minimizing the need for fly-in performers.  

Valerie was born into a circus family, starting training alongside her parents as well as attending rhythmic gymnastics school in Moscow from 5 years of age. At 6, Valerie performed in her first professional production in Moscow's famous Nikulin Circus. 

At 13, Valerie performed the globe act in circus Musical 'Eclipse' in the UK, in which she performed for 5 years learning aerial silk, hoop, and many other circus and dance skills. 

After almost 20 years of professional involvement in the circus and entertainment industry, Valerie has the expert knowledge and skills to pass onto aspiring performers. 

Please feel free to send her a message via this site or on Facebook to discuss your needs. 

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